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Posted by Steve Webb - September, 2019

With so much hype around this system at the PGA Show in Orlando this past January we were keen to continue communications and investigate further into this system. Well we are pleased to now confirm that we have been really excited with this system and testing has been very impressive.

With that in mind it was a no brainer to bring the system to the UK market and install it in our Oxfordshire Showroom. Uneekor representatives were keen to work with us and knew of our history for UK sales so after just one meeting at our HQ we agreed to represent the product along with our other systems.

Many of our followers/customers have been following the hype around this product and product demonstrations have been very popular since it's official release on our website last month. 

So from the technical side why are we liking it so much? Well there are numerous reasons which we'll explain briefly. 

  • Position: When looking at systems we always need to be critical where the device sits. This system is perfect. It is ceiling mounted 1 metre behind the ball position. This allows for right/left handed use with a central hitting point, no risk of the unit being hit by a ball or club and finally very difficult to steal which is important in commercial environments.
  • Marked Balls: Something that Uneekor has had some criticism for. We believe this not to be so much of an issue with the QED system. Admittedly marked balls are being worked on at the moment to offer premium versions like Pro v's etc. This will just be a matter of time before this is solved. Price of marked balls has been argued a lot on forums. Yes you will pay more for a marked ball, however it's not like you're going to lose them in your sim room and they only need to be replaced before they become scuffed and could damage your screen. Ultimately we believe our customers would accept paying for marked balls if this is reflected in the accuracy of the system
  • Installation: We are always looking at systems that are DIY installations for our clients to help them save money if they can setup the system themselves. With just two cables (1 to pc and 1 to power) the system is easy to connect. The QED Sim system comes with a calibration board. Put this on your hitting area, align it with your target and push 'calibration' in the software. The system then calibrates itself!
  • Software flexibility: We all have different views on which software we like so having a system where you can integrate third party software is important. We're please to say the Uneekor QED system comes with it's own software and you can purchase TGC2019 and E6 Connect too. We love this feature!
  • Video Integration: Data is important and all systems give numbered data. However QED is slightly different. It backs up the data with video. You get a video of the club hitting the ball. This is great to see what is going on through impact. Also, plug in two compatible webcams and you'll get two video replays that automatically sync the shot you just hit. It also has video analysis drawing tools so you can really dial in on that last swing as an amateur or a Pro coaching a student.
  • Tracking: So far from our testing the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator has been very impressive. One feature we love are short putts. This is an area that some systems really struggle with. QED can read 10cm putts to 435 yard drives so it really does cover every part of the game. Curvature of the ball feels very realistic and this is massively important in shot replication.
  • Price: Always a big topic of discussion. QED at just under £11K inc vat for the system with the Succeed and Ignite software is good value compared to it's rivals. This is still a large amount of money, however when comparing to other systems on the market it comes in more affordable than them.

So what is wrong with the system? is it perfect? 

There is no perfect system and all manufacturers are always upgrading their software and algorithms along with hardware to try and find perfection. QED is no different and initial testing there were some issues with the club head data. However the ball data is some of the best we have seen and tested. So Uneekor are now focused on club data and working hard to improve this area which they are being very honest about. It's our job on testing to be critical and honest of our findings.

However one thing is clear. We have given our feedback on the system and software improvements that would help our customers and the space limitation in the UK. Uneekor accepted these challenges and valued our feedback. We are currently getting software updates around every two weeks and they seem to be so quick in finding a solution to our suggestions. This is something that i haven't seen happen so fast with other manufacturers and is a testament to their company ethos.

As an independent company we simply put our customers in front of systems and show them the features and let them play/test. The customer decides what is right for them, not our sales staff! It's no surprise that Uneekor QED is already proving very popular and with their rate of development we see this company making further advances and becoming a market leader in the Golf Simulation World!

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QED FROM UNEEKOR and golf tech systems

Unparalleled Accuracy of Cutting-edge Hyper Speed Cameras, giving you instant swing analysis and club/ball data...

QED - total accuracy of simulation play

True Golf Simulation with Cutting Edge Technology. Accurate from 10cm to 435yds across both the long and short game

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Some core features of the system

Stroke Play

Stroke play mode is mazingly like playing on a real course, made possible by a very realistic course map. Check your practice and skills before the round!

On Course Practice

Practice your shot at the desired location on the course, even before or during the round...

Short Game Complex

Driving, short game complex. QED’s core practice program where the key is to adjust the direction and distance that you want! Optimized for improved direction and distance accuracy

Driving Range

Trackman level data and posture in real time. Smart features you can check with Club Video Replay Ball Spin Video Replay all optimized for your improvement

The QED App

The QED app in English will be released in July 2019. All the data of your practice session – all saved to your Free QED Account! Never seen Data in this detail before in an APP from an Simulator System. Improve your golf skills with the QED app

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