Unparalleled Accuracy of Cutting-edge Hyper Speed Cameras...

QED is where passion meets precision. Advanced mathematics mingle with hyper-precise sensors - capturing crystal clear moments in time. High-speed photos of your club and ball spin recite every aspect of your swing. Enhanced graphics reveal a vivid world in the finest detail. Equipped with 2 Ultra High Speed Cameras, (3000 fps each) QED provides real-time footage of ball spin, club path and true impact


Golf Simulation with Cutting Edge Technology

This fantastic new Golf Simulator from QED has got us all very excited, and more info is coming soon...

  • QED provides an authentic swing experience to enhance performance
  • Curriculum and software that improves golf skills and performance
  • Multiple practice modes for endless entertainment
  • sublime accuracy

    From 10cm to 435 yards the QED system has unparalled accuracy of simulation play

  • affordable

    With a price point that offers real value for money QED Golf simulators are within your grasp...

  • multiple software choice

    E6 Connect and TGC 2019, you pick for total flexibility and real world choice in golf simulation

  • fast set up

    Easy calibration and a very fast set up are just a few of the benefits of this latest system from QED

why qed?

The benefits of this cutting edge golf simulator are endless...


Golf Simulation with Cutting Edge Technology

The sensor consists of 2 high speed cameras operating at 3,000 fps. Unique to this system is the fact it is an overhead monitor tracking both ball and club data with unmatched accuracy. There is no requirement to put special reflective dots on the club or ball to obtain the data. The balls have a marked pattern on them to assist with the cameras detecting the real spin of the ball.


Sublime Accuracy with instant analysis...

Only a few systems on the market can measure actual spin data. This data has been referenced against the GC quad and shows superior accuracy. The biggest difference with this system is the combination of the most advanced hardware with cutting edge and easy to use software. The videos are displayed after each shot giving actual PROOF of what actually happened


suitable for all levels of golfer whether keen amateur , pro or just having fun...

QED is suitable for all users, especially club fitters and coaches. Swing analysis cameras are directly integrated with the software in addition to the tracking cameras. For more information on this exciting product please give us a call on 01865 582699 or book a demo online above


ceiling mounted tracking system has clear benefits

Being ceiling mounted this is very difficult to steal compared to most launch monitors which are freestanding and sit on the floor. This also means your precious investment can't be kicked or damaged whilst waling past... You get clear overhead video of the club actually hitting the ball and can be positioned centrally within the room for left/right handed golfers for uninterrupted play...


play all of your favourite courses and improve your game constantly...

The Game Software Features an Hi End 4K compatible 3D Graphics Engine. It Displays the Course so real, you think you are playing on a real Golf Course! Ball and Flight Physics are so accurate you even can practice an spinning chip indoors!